Graphics – Logo Design Sample Set 1

These are some examples of brand identity/logo designs that I’ve created using illustrator. I tried to come up with various themed logos with some that could be applied to different types of industry.

When designing the logos, I tried to keep it clean and simple so that it can be easily recognisable and readable at the same time. I used bold contrasting tone to make the design stand out and using the minimum of colours possible to avoid visual clutter.

When displaying the logo designs, I added a gradient effect and a grain texture onto the background to add focus on the main subject and provide a clean visual appearance.


Logo – Volume

The idea for this design simply came from the symbol for volume and incorporating it into the word itself. This logo would work well for an audio related or a contemporary fashion magazine type of company.


Logo – Envelope

The idea again came from incorporating the symbol icon to the word. When I was drawing the envelope icon, I noticed the shape of the lines started to form a tick which adds something extra to the design.

The letter L coincidentally became reversed to form the bottom outline of the envelope. This would be an ideal logo for a stationary, special gift or card company.


Logo – Betxi

This idea started with the brand name for a made up betting company and then developed into the design for a far east betting service. I used traditional oriental themed colours and fonts but with a contemporary look.


Logo – Echelon

Echelon is one of my favourite words in the dictionary and I had this cool idea of incorporating the meaning into the text. The word means a level or rank in an organisation and I tried to represent this by splitting and altering the shapes of the letters to form different platforms and layers.

The circles within a circle in the letter O represent hierarchy and the concept of an inner circle meaning. It could also be interpreted as a sort of symbol for a security key lock system, which would tie in well with the authority meaning.

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    Nice design!You make them all so simple and attrative..

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    Thank you for your comment! Ray