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Video – Qilin Dance

Here’s a video that I shot several months ago of a Chinese event in Birmingham which featured a Qilin Dance performance.

I took my Canon 100D with a 50mm lens on the day just to take some photos for fun and practice but the videographer in me wanted to also capture it in motion.

I wanted to see how well the movie mode perform on the camera and I was fairly impressed with the picture quality. The built-in microphone was used and the sound that was captured was a decent quality I thought.

I recorded the performance in 1 take and focused on the subject manually, which was quite tricky as the Qilin was moving fast and the loud drumming also made it a bit difficult keeping the camera steady.

There wasn’t much space where I stood and using the 50mm (80mm equivalent) made the shot very zoomed in, but I think in the end the close angle shot makes the video much more intimate and personal.

The video was then imported to Premiere Pro for editing and some quick colour correction.


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