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I always wondered how my sample of logo designs would look on a professional business card but rather than getting them professionally printed (which would of been costly), I decided to take some photos of a blank card and superimpose the logos onto them.

Logo Business Card Sample - No Entry

I started by trying to find a nice quality card that I could use. After going though dozens of people’s business cards that had been given to my dad, I stumble a card that had a nice premium quality texture to it and conveniently had a blank side on the back.

Logo Business Card Sample - Envelope

I got the camera out and went around taking photos of the card on different surfaces. First thing I quickly realised was the camera couldn’t focus on the blank white card so every photo had to be manually focused. I had to move back and forth to find the right focus spot which was quite tricky as it was difficult to see on the viewfinder.

Logo Business Card - Echelon

After several takes and finding the best photos I imported to Lightroom for some quick photo correction and then opened in Photoshop to add the logos in.

In Photoshop, I began transforming and scaling the logo to fit within the same perspective as the card in the photo, I aligned the logo transform box with each edges of the card and then placed in the middle with some minor adjustment by eye to make the logo look convincingly placed on the card.

Logo Business Card Sample - Pet Walkies

I chosen Multiply on the blending mode of the logo layer to make the card texture show up underneath it. On some of the logos I also added a drop shadow to give it a fairly convincing emboss look.

The final piece to the overall look was adding some Gaussian Blur in the logo to match with the lens out of focus blur in the photos.

Logo Business Card Sample - Volume

I’m pleased with how the photos turned out, it really helps visualise and showcase the logo designs in a real environment.

One thing that I would do differently would be to add a small temporary marker like a sticker in the centre of the blank card so that the camera can automatically focus onto the card, this can then be easily Stamp tool’ed out afterwards and save the hassle of manually focusing.

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