Graphics – Logo Design Sample Set 2

Here are a few more samples of logo designs that I’ve created in the last month.


Logo – no entry

This logo design came about after doodling for ideas on other logos and saw a letter e that I’d written at an angle which made me think of the No Entry symbol. My mind quickly joined the two pieces together to create the final look.

I chosen a serif font as I think it fits with the authority look of the symbol. I imagine the logo would make a good branding for a clothing range or cosmetic products with a rebellious theme.


Logo – Alive

This logo started with the figure, as I drew a circle above the letter A, I immediately saw a figure character with the letter being the body and then I added the arms in.

I chosen a word that seems fitting with the expression of the figure. I think this design would work well as a logo for a charity organisation.


Logo – cornucopia

I chosen the word cornucopia as the logo name as it’s a nice word that I like. I tried to emphasise the rounded look of the letters with a round san serif font.

The font was altered to make it more even and symmetrical, giving it a uniform look.


Logo – Pet Walkies

This design began by trying to come up with a logo for a dog walking service. I went for the obvious and create a paw symbol as a starting point but I wanted to implement both the walker and the dog interaction in the logo.

I was trying to think of what image or symbol could be used to portray the human side like the paw image used for the dog, it took me a good while of thinking and then it suddenly hit me… a foot print! so obvious now! The 2 images then got merged into one after playing around with the arrangement.

The silhouette of the dog walker was added in last as I felt the shoe print area needed something to fill in the blank space.