Graphics – Logo Redesign Exercise

Just as a fun exercise to see what I could come up with, I’ve redesigned the logo for a popular guitar-related forum that I frequently visit called The Gear Page or TGP for short.


I tried to create a logo which was simple yet bold by using silhouette shapes. A dark blue colour was used to match with the colour palette of the forum.

Since the forum is called The Gear Page, I wanted the logo to represent all the different sections within the forum such as amps, guitars and effects.

Below are a few alternative design layouts.




This last design came about after moving the silhouette shapes around and saw the circular gaps of the guitar pickup as a window frame for the other items.


It was fun coming up with a new design on an existing logo, my personal favourite would be the last one as it has a cleaner sleeker look and shows the different parts of the forum very clearly.