Panorama – Computer Room 1 [360°]

Here is the first in a series of interactive panoramic images that I have recently done. This particular panorama shows one of the computer room situated in the Bonington building of Nottingham Trent university.

The original photos were taken a while back during my first year at university. I used an old Sony 3 megapixels cybershot camera and a tripod.

On the day of shooting, I placed the camera at the centre of the room and took a set of 26 photos with 10-15° degrees rotation intervals, making sure the photos were overlapping each other.

My first attempt at stitching the photos together using Photoshop did not produce a good result and the photos were left unused for a few years. It is only recent that I’ve made an another attempt using a newer version of Photoshop with its Automated photomerge and this achieved a much better result with only a few correction needed to be made.

In some parts of the panoramic image where 2 photos are merged together there were some alignment that were off, to correct the problem I’ve copied and pasted the certain areas and nudged them back to the right place and erased the surrounding edges.

After using Photoshop I’ve imported the final image to Pano2vr which outputs the image into an interactive flash format with its own control parameters.

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