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Brochure – Visit Zhaoqing, China

Brochure Visit Zhaoqing 01

Brochure Visit Zhaoqing 02

Click here to view a high quality online pdf of the brochure.

Here is a sample work that I’ve created of a typical holiday tour guide brochure. It’s a 3-sided brochure layout; front and back. This was done in InDesign and took about 2 days to make.

I wanted to improve my knowledge of InDesign and decided to use my recent trip to China as the subject for a tour guide brochure.

All the photos used in the brochure were taken by myself during my trip to China, the image of the map was taken from Wikipedia.

As it’s a sample work, I decided to focus my time on the layout design of the brochure and didn’t spend much of my time on the written content; hence the use of dummy text.

I began with creating 3 columns for the text; with a transparent fill background to make it more readable. I then added the panoramic photos and placed it at the bottom of each page which instantly made the design more brochure looking.

I used a gradient for the upper part the background and several photos set in ‘lighten’ blending mode which added more visual interest and blended the upper and bottom images together.

The thumbnail photos were placed with a 2mm text wrap which gave it some space between the text and the photos.

I went for a 3-sided brochure layout but the final design could easily be adapted for a two-page spread layout. I’ve incorporated a 3mm bleed so it’s all setup ready for print.

I enjoyed making the brochure and I’m pleased with the final result, I hope it has made Zhaoqing an appealing place to visit!

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Panorama – China

Seven Star Crags, Zhaoqing, China

Here is a panorama of a popular lake area in Zhaoqing, a city situated in southern China.

Pano2VR was used to create the flash from the panoramic photo.

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Panorama – Hong Kong

Here is a panorama of Tai Po, an area of Hong Kong where I recently visited.

I had not been back for over a decade and a lot has changed with many of the areas being revamped and modernized; but Tai Po still holds a very traditional look with its old buildings that I still remember when I first came to visit.

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Panorama Photography – Arthur’s Seat

Photo Panorama Edinburgh Arthur's Seat
Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh

Click here for the Interactive Panoramic Mode.

Photo Panorama Edinburgh Calton Hill
Calton Hill, Edinburgh

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Panorama Photography – Edinburgh

Photo Panorama Edinburgh 1
North View from Calton Hill, Edinburgh

Photo Panorama Edinburgh 2
South View from Calton Hill, Edinburgh

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