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Illustration – Artist Hai Shuet Yeung

Artist Hai Shuet Yeung

Here is a collage illustration of an artist named Hai Shuet Yeung, situated in Grimsby who does wonderful watercolour paintings and mostly known for painting carps. I tried to represent his interests through the various elements in this collage illustration.

Click here to see the outline view of this illustration.

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Illustration – Carp Flag

Carp Flag

Here is an illustration showing the flag emblem gradually transforming into one of the carps. Normal tools were used such as gradients, pathfinder and opacity. I tried to make it bright and colourful and bring a warm feeling to the illustration.

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Illustration – Guitars


[Left to right: Fender Contemporary Stratocaster, Fender Telecaster ’72 Deluxe, Fender Jaguar, Washburn EA-18, Rickenbacker 4003]

Here is a series of illustrations on guitars and other guitar related gears. Two of the guitars are my own and the others are guitars that I could only dream of having. As you may have noticed, I have a strong passion for guitars.

Guitars Outline

The gradients were used to create depth and shiny surfaces. To create the shadows I’ve duplicated the same shape, reposition slightly, fill it black and then set the opacity down.

To create the wood texture I used Filter > Texturizer to create the wooden lines then Filter > Ocean Ripple to make the lines more random. On the edge of the acoustic guitar (middle) I used Filter > Stain Glass to create a nice pearl mosaic effect.

Pedals & Amplifier

I used heavier strokes on the outline of the guitars and pedals to emphasize the main general shape and used lighter strokes for small details.

I really like the clean outline versions of the guitars as they have a nice blueprint style of design.

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Illustration – Guitar, Cap & Me


This is an illustration of myself and my guitar. The shadow was created by copying all the shapes and applying the Pathfinder > Add to shape area (and click expand) to merge all the shapes into one. On the baseball cap I added lines to give a knitted texture, this was created simply by drawing the top and bottom lines and then selecting both and applying Object Tab > Blend which adds and morph the lines inbetween.

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Illustration – English Rose

English Rose

Here is an illustration titled English Rose. I set the opacity low to blend the petals together and add more depth to the image.

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