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Illustration – Cherry Tree Panda

Cherry Tree Panda

Here is an illustration called Cherry Tree Panda. This was created entirely from Photoshop with the aid of a graphics tablet.

The idea appeared in my mind and thought the image of a panda chilling under a cherry tree would make a nice artwork. Before creating the piece I’d gathered some images on the net of cherry blossom trees and pandas for reference use.

The panda was quickly sketched in with the outlines later refined to a cleaner look. The trees were drawn from scratch using a swirl brush type with brush scattering mode turned on. I’ve added drop shadows, outer and inner glows on the layer style to give some depth and presence on the blossoms.

The background was created using a photo of my bedroom wallpaper which has a cloudy look, this was set to Soft Light on the Blending mode. I’ve also added a Noise filter which added some extra detail to the texture. With the base colour set to brown it created a nice leather-like appearance.

A Vignette effect was added to darkens the surrounding corners of the overall image, this helps emphasize the focus on the main subject.

I am pleased with the final look of the piece, particularly on the panda’s pondering look and its relaxed body position.

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Illustration – Cocktail Gorilla

Illustration - Cocktail Gorilla

Meet Cocktail Gorilla! created in Photoshop.

I’ve added a drop shadow on the layer style to pop the outlines out which gives some depth. The background has been applied with a subtle Noise filter to add some texture to the overall image and also applied Vignette to darker the surrounding corners.

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Illustration – Sleepy Suki!

Illustration - Sleepy Suki!

Here’s an illustration of sleepy Suki! created in Photoshop.

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Illustration – Happy Suki!

Illustration - Happy Suki!

Here is an illustration of happy Suki! The artwork was created in Photoshop using a standard brush tool set to 10px and with the aid of a graphics tablet. This took roughly 4-5 hours to make.

At the post production stage I’ve duplicated three layers of the same image and altered the top two blending mode layers to ‘lighten’ and ‘colour dodge’ and added a Gaussian Blur filter on the bottom layer.

Click here for the horizontal version of the artwork.

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Illustration – Kitten

Illustration - Kitten

Here is a close up image of the kitten from the previous post with additional post production work done to it. Around 3-4 hours was spent creating the artwork using Photoshop.

To achieve the final look I’ve duplicated another layer of the kitten image and added Gaussian Blur filter by a few pixels and then dropped it underneath the original layer. The blending mode on the original layer was then set to ‘lighten’ which creates a soft angelic look.

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