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3D – Toy Robots

Destroy All Humans! Affirmative...

Here is the finished scene of the toy robots. It took just under 2 hours to render and another hour to render both the ambient occlusion pass and depth pass.

The materials were fairly simple to make as they were mostly made up of the same type of plastic, apart from the head and body which had a speckle map added.

There was one V-ray light used which I believed was all that was required to lit the scene. Photoshop was used to combine the passes together and for the post production work.

Click here to see my production process of this work.

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3D – Toy Robot [WiP]

3D - Toy Robot 1 [WiP]

3D - Toy Robot 2 [WiP]

Here’s a basic 3D model of my retro toy robot which also happens to be a handy pencil sharpener.

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