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3D – Car Seat [WiP]

3D - Car Seat [WiP]

I’ve just finished modeling the car seat. I’ve moved some of the vertices up a little bit to give it a plumper shape.

The strap from the seatbelt was made by assigning a Path Deform modifier which sets the geometry to follow along a path (purple spline).

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3D – Car Tyre [WiP]

3D - Car Tyre [WiP]

Here’s my first attempt at modeling a car tyre and I’m quite pleased with the result. I’ve tried to put as much detail as I could with the caliper and brake disc, the treads could be improved with a better detail design but there won’t be much visible so it should be okay as it is.

To create the treads of the tyre I used plane geometry to make one horizontal part and cloned it several times to make a long strip, I’d then attach them all and welded the vertices together. To wrap it up I used the Bend modifier which makes it into a full circle.

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3D – Bathroom Scene [WiP]

3D Bathroom Scene [WiP]

Here’s a working scene of a simple modern bathroom using some design ideas from a few furniture catalogues.

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3D – Electric Guitar

3D Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar 1

[Model: Fender Contemporary Stratocaster]

Here are the completed renders of the Fender Stratocaster guitar. You can view the WIP images by clicking here.

Since the body of the guitar had a glossy black finish, I didn’t need to unwrap the UVW, I did however needed to unwrap the fretboard and guitar neck to texture the wood and the skunk stripe inlay at the back.

I’d experimented with various scenes and test rendered different HDRI maps as I went along. Initially, I was going to have the guitar resting on a carpet floor but was not satisfied with the result. I wanted to add more interest to the composition and decided to have the guitar resting on a soft bed-like surface instead.

My approach in creating the surface was to start with a plane geometry that had additional segments. I’d then applied a cloth modifier and have it collide with the guitar neck and body polygon, this created a basic shape that could be worked on.

3D Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar 2

To created the creases on the surface, I had to first convert it into editable poly and then use the paint deformation to “paint” the creases in. To help me with this, I’ve put my real guitar on my bed as a reference guide to see where the creases would mainly be. I’ve added a relax modifier afterwards to soften some of the edges on the surface.

For the 2nd render showing the back of the guitar, I had to mirror the surface and re-adjust some of the creases to fit with the new shape. You can view the wireframe of the cloth geometry by clicking here.

The scene contains 6 lights in total, 1 vray dome light with HDRI and a omni light. The HDRI is a panoramic image of a bedroom that contain 2 windows and I’ve placed a vraylight and spotlight on each side.

Overall, I’m pleased with the outcome of the final images. It took around 3 hours to render each one. The long rendering time was due to the vast amount of polygons used.

I really like how the cloth has turned out in the end and the soft shadows that it produces. There is a nice contrast between the dark glossy finish of the guitar and the bright colourful background.

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3D – Bass Guitar – Used Version

3D Rickenbacker Bass Guitar - Used

This is a beat-up version of the Rickenbacker bass guitar. I wanted to try and recreate the look of a used guitar with scratch marks and paint chips around the body. I thought this would make an interesting render and something different to the normal ‘clean’ renders.

The changes made to the original renders are the HDRI and texture maps. I wanted to give the scene an outdoor look so I changed the wood texture on the floor into more patio-like appearance.

To created the paint chips on the body of the guitar, I’ve added a layer mask on the blue fill layer to reveal the wood grain without the fill covering it. I’ve also incorporated an inner glow and stroke surrounding the chip to highlight the edge of the paint.

The bump map was created from the texture map with the scratches and dents filled in black on a grey background. The rendering time for this scene was just under 40 minutes.

Overall, I’m pleased with the final image. I like the contrast of the blue tone on the guitar with the reflection of the sunlight beaming down on it. Click here to view some of the maps used for this scene.

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