Photography – Derbyshire

Winnats Pass, Derbyshire

Derwent Reservoir, Derbyshire

Here are some landscape photos of Derbyshire taken on a weekend in May. I went with my friend Kam and we set out on a mission to capture some nice landscape images for our own personal photography collection.

I took the 6D with me and a 24-70mm zoom lens as I knew I would be using a wider angle focal length for most of the day. We were fortunate to have a sunny day with some clouds which I liked as it added some dramatic interest in the skies.

We spent a few hours on top of Winnats Pass after climbing up (and me falling down) on the hilly areas. I focused on taking photos whereas my friend did some interesting time lapse videos of the clouds and the landscape on his mirrorless camera. I waited for the moment when the sun appeared off the clouds to add shadows in the rocks and grass which gave depth to the photos.

It was a good day out (even after the fall) and the photos turned out better than I had expected.

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