Web – Guitar Gears Gallery [Update]

Guitar Gears Gallery

I’ve decided to redesign the general look of the guitar website as I felt the previous design lacked some edge and colour and I was possibly too reserved with the use of stronger tone.

There were hardly any changes made in the HTML side of the site other than a few text alteration. The main changes were made in CSS and in Photoshop with general colour changes and images incorporated and rearranged.

I’ve removed the custom font for the menu system as it caused a few alignment issues with older browsers that doesn’t support custom fonts. It also didn’t fit with the overall style and is now replaced with a standard sans-serif font.

I used a purple / orange colour theme as it compliments well with each other and looks nice with the dark grey background.

The new design now has a better contrast and vibrant dynamic tones, hopefully giving it more energy to the overall look.

[UPDATE – 21/03/12] Added a description section for each page and some small alignment changes.

[UPDATE – 02/08/12] Added some background images and altered the colour theme.

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