Game – Prop Set #4

Game Fence
Wire Fence – 122 tris per section, Signs – plane each

I’ve tried to keep the tri count as low as possible on the wire fence model since there’ll usually be a row of them which will add up the tris.

I initially used a tiled reference image of a hexagonal wire mesh but wasn’t satisfied with the final look so I decided to have the vertical mesh instead.

I couldn’t find any ref image for the new mesh so I quickly modeled it in 3Ds Max and baked in the details. The mesh texture is tiled across by 3 times to save some uvw space.

The images for the signs were from a single photo source that I had taken at a construction site.

Game Package Stack
Package Storage Stack – 402 tris each, Single Package – 104 tris

This stack model was initially just a test to see if I could base the model mainly from the reference image and adding vertices around it.

I started with a box geometry and added several rows of edges using the connect tool, the corner vertices were moved out a little to add the shape of the silhouette.

The tri count was kept fairly low since there might be a few of them being placed around the background.

I used crazybump to create the normal map of the packages which really pops the image and adds realism.

Game Spool
Spool – 316 tris

This spool model took around 4 hours to create and texture. I used a reference image for the top part of the spool and a different wood image on the other side.

The wood images had different tones of colour so I used the match colour tool in photoshop to make them both look like they were cut from the same type of tree.

I had planned to use just a reference image for the cables but this was not achievable since it’s wrapped around flat on the texture and most ref images are angled, so I had to resort to modeling it in 3Ds Max and bake the cable geometry in.

To create the cable I used a helix spline and lofted it, I added a FFD 3x3x3 to widen the mid section and a Noise modifier to create some random shapes on the cable.


2 Responses to “Game – Prop Set #4”

  1. Ray Liam Says:

    If you want to avoid the ‘moire’ effect you can reduce the amount of tiling on the mesh texture, it should still looking believable with a larger mesh pattern.

    I think you should make a single separate package that you can stack on the top and also to stand upright resting on the package stack to give you more unique possibilities much like in real life. You might have to create a separate small texture for it or if you can add it to your existing one.

  2. admin Says:

    package added & wire fence fixed plus new signs