Pencil – Portrait of Dennis

Pencil - Portrait of Dennis

Here is another portrait of a family friend done in pencil on an A4 size sheet of paper. It took around 10 hours in total to complete.

Click here to view the progress of this drawing.

I started with the same approach as my previous drawings and began the piece with a draft layout to get the proportion roughly in and then carefully add in the details later.

Since the portrait showed more of the front of the face; I’d decided to go in a slightly different approach with the shading and chosen to shade by following the contours of the face, this seem to be the appropriate option as it gave more depth and dimension to the facial features.

Capturing his expression was slightly more work than the previous portrait as his smile is much subtle, so getting the creases around the mouth to look right was important.

With hindsight, there’s still some issues with the proportion of the head, I think it needs to be about 5% wider as the general shape of his head is more rounder. His left ear needs to be stretched lower by about 3% as well.

Overall, I am very pleased with the outcome of this piece, it has turned out better than I’ve expected and has been a good drawing experience.

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