Flash – Summer Banner [Revised]

After a few suggestions made from viewers of this banner, the following are a number of changes in response from it and some of my own improvements:

01. Bingo ball redesigned into more standard appearance.

02. Added presence to the ball by additional soft white gradient.

03. Added glare for the effect of reflective surface.

04. Added night time for better visual.

05. Added transition from start to end for better continuity.

06. Added details to trees and umbrella for continuity overall.

07. Added reflection of bingo ball in the sea.

08. Added bingo ball drop sequence for nicer ending.*

09. Font changed on the text for better suitability to theme.*

10. Gradient colour changed on the sky for better visual.*

11. Longer scene with text set longer for easier readability.*

12. Redesigned Branding for better suitability to theme.*

(*own improvements)

*Update 02/08/2012 – Branding changed and colours altered*

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