Flash – Summer Banner

Another banner recently done in the wide skyscraper format (160×600) at 50kb file size.

The concept came about from wanting to create something that looked commercial and seasonal. Also the fact that I enjoyed creating the winter banner, I wanted to do something along the same line.

The tools used were mainly gradient fills with motion and shape tweening. The sparkle effects on the sand and sea were created with just a white stroke set with a custom stripple type.

The trickiest part was trying to make the numbers move convincingly. The method was warping it first using free-transform tool and then adding a hint of gradient and transparency to give it a better result.

The crucial part was getting the timing of the text to appear right, this was important visually and functionally as I wanted viewers to follow the sun move up and then lead them to the branding and the slogan.

This was another enjoyable piece of work to do and I think the outcome is a believable advert banner.

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