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Game – Prop Set #4

Game Fence
Wire Fence – 122 tris per section, Signs – plane each

I’ve tried to keep the tri count as low as possible on the wire fence model since there’ll usually be a row of them which will add up the tris.

I initially used a tiled reference image of a hexagonal wire mesh but wasn’t satisfied with the final look so I decided to have the vertical mesh instead.

I couldn’t find any ref image for the new mesh so I quickly modeled it in 3Ds Max and baked in the details. The mesh texture is tiled across by 3 times to save some uvw space.

The images for the signs were from a single photo source that I had taken at a construction site.

Game Package Stack
Package Storage Stack – 402 tris each, Single Package – 104 tris

This stack model was initially just a test to see if I could base the model mainly from the reference image and adding vertices around it.

I started with a box geometry and added several rows of edges using the connect tool, the corner vertices were moved out a little to add the shape of the silhouette.

The tri count was kept fairly low since there might be a few of them being placed around the background.

I used crazybump to create the normal map of the packages which really pops the image and adds realism.

Game Spool
Spool – 316 tris

This spool model took around 4 hours to create and texture. I used a reference image for the top part of the spool and a different wood image on the other side.

The wood images had different tones of colour so I used the match colour tool in photoshop to make them both look like they were cut from the same type of tree.

I had planned to use just a reference image for the cables but this was not achievable since it’s wrapped around flat on the texture and most ref images are angled, so I had to resort to modeling it in 3Ds Max and bake the cable geometry in.

To create the cable I used a helix spline and lofted it, I added a FFD 3x3x3 to widen the mid section and a Noise modifier to create some random shapes on the cable.

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Game – Prop Set #3

Game Air Con Unit
Air Con Unit – 46 tris

This is a simple box model with some beveled edges. I tried to keep the tri count low since it’s an object that would be placed from a fair distance above and become less visible.

The front fan area is actually a flat surface but the use of the normal map helps to add depth without adding any polys.

Game Gas Canister
Gas Canister – 240 tris

The model of the gas canister is a modified version of the fire extinguisher model that I did a while ago and re-used most of the geometries and scaled it up a little.

Making the metal bronze was a nice change from the usual silver metal that I’ve been texturing most of the time and compliments well with the dull green of the canister.

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Game – Prop Set #2

Game Cardboard Boxes
Close Cardboard Boxes – 12 tris each, Open Cardboard Boxes – 18 tris each

Here are 4 different models of cardboard boxes plus 2 variation of the open version. The closed versions are just simple 6 sided box geometry.

I have only used diffuse and specular maps in these models and decided not to use normal maps as they’re were not necessary for such basic objects.

To compensate for not using normal maps I added a few outer shadows and uneven crease marks on the edges to give the impression of depth in the diffuse map.

Game Plastic Crates
Plastic Crate – 54 tris each

Heres’s another fairly simple model of some plastic crates made from a box geometry with chamfered edges. I quickly did a high poly version with the raised parts and baked it in, this gave me a good starting point. Later I added the holes in Photoshop and then created an alpha channel from it that would be used for making them transparent.

The small version of the plastic crate is the same as the larger one but cropped from the bottom.

There seems to be some opacity issue with the Xiolul shader which causes the bottom base of the crate not showing through, but this should be fine in a game engine.

Game Small Misc Props
Radio – 116 tris, Tool Box – 62 tris, Small Bottle – 92 tris, Large Bottle – 150 tris, Paper Bag – 44 tris, Tin Can – 44 tris, Cane – 104 tris

Here’s a few more small assorted props.They’re all around the 150 tris or less and are small objects that can be used to fill a scene with details.

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Game – Post Box [Revised]

Game Post Box Revised

Here is an updated version of the post box model, the original model can be found by clicking here.

The following improvements have been made:

– Optimized low poly from original 972 tris down to 682 tris
– Improved the uvw unwrapping for better bake
– Optimized uvw texture space
– Improved general textures

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Game – Dumpster

Game Dumpster

Here’s the completed low poly model of the dumpster, accompanied with a few bin bag buddies. All objects were baked from a higher poly version.

The dumpster contain 2310 tris. I decided not to go overboard with the dirt and grime overall and kept it to a minimum; having only heavier dirt where it would be required like the inside of the dumpster, this gave a general use appearance to the model.

On the bottom surface of the dumpster, I’ve added some piles of scraps and rubbish, this was done with the aid of Crazybump to generate the normal and occlusion map to add some subtle depth to it.

Game Bin Bags

The high poly models of the bin bags started out from a normal sphere that has been altered using the FFD 3x3x3 tool and the Noise modifier to give some randomness to the shape. Then in edit poly I used the paint deformation to brush in the creases to give that authentic material look.

After I was satisfied with the models; I imported them into Polygon Cruncher which optimizes the high poly down to create the low poly version. After a few tweaking of the edges it was ready to be baked.

The low poly model of the small bag contain 282 tris and the larger one has 242 tris. To add some variety to the models, I’ve created two versions for each, one white plastic bag and one typical bin liner bag.

I knew before texturing that the plastic see-through bag would add more realism and interest to the overall piece and was worth the extra texturing work involved. As it was a spherical shape I thought it would be difficult to texture the pieces of rubbish together without showing large visible seams, but the randomness of the texture help hide most of it. I tried not to spend too much time on getting it perfectly seamless since it’ll be shown quite faint from the plastic material.

Crazybump was used again to generate a normal map from the scrap image to add presence to the rubbish and tin cans, this was blended in subtly with the crease normal layer to create the final look.

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