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Here is a website I helped setup a few months ago for a photographer in Yorkshire to showcase his portfolio of work.

The photographer wanted a website where he could also upload new photos for his blog and have a contact page.

He already had a design concept drawn out which I followed closely, he also wanted a website that was mobile/tablet friendly as well.

I used WordPress as the platform for his website as it’s user friendly and allows the photographer to manage his own photos and content afterwards.

Various plug-ins were incorporated such as a slide show banner to display his photos interactively.

I’ve added a lazy image loading plug-in which lowers the amount of bandwidth data used when showing large amount of photos on a web page, this is done by only loading the photos when it’s visible on the screen. This was particularly important for people viewing his website on a limited mobile data on their phones.

When changing HTML and CSS codes, I tested the site using various browsers as I went a long and also used the built in web developing tool in Chrome and Opera to test the site virtually on mobile devices.

After the website was done, I created a simple user guide to help him get familiar with how to upload his photos in WordPress and how to update the information on his website.

The photographer was very pleased with his website overall and it has allowed him to showcase his photos to clients and also be able to update the site by himself.

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