Game – Modular Pipes

Game Modular Pipes Example
Modular Pipes

Above is an example of some modular pipes placed together to create a small pipework scene.

Game Modular Pipes Pieces
Large Pipes Set – 1742 tris, Medium Pipes Set – 1038 tris, Small Pipes Set – 1084 tris

The modular pipes are made out of 3 sets of pipes in different sizes; with some small variation to them. The textures are split for each set which gives me the option of using the set separately.

I initially modeled the main pieces first and then decided to include the other extra parts to give me more choice when putting them together.


4 Responses to “Game – Modular Pipes”

  1. Ray Says:

    You should desaturate the red a bit and put some desaturation/browns on the joints, maybe some basic grime wear and tear.

    It’s just too uniform in tone at the moment, keep that in mind for your other stuff you texture. It can still be red but vary the values of it which will also give some seperation to the shapes. The wheels for example would have some wear from hand contact.

  2. admin Says:

    Red desaturated and dirt increased

  3. Ray Says:

    I still think the red fixtures and ends of the pipes could be of different tone or colour or darker. Maybe some slight AO as well. If you blur your vision you’ll see what I mean when I say it’s one still quite uniform.

  4. admin Says:

    Ambient Occlusion added. I wanted the pipes to look quite uniform so that it appears to be one mass unit instead of small separate parts.

    I did test it by making it 10-20% darker and it breaks up the flow of the pipes and didn’t look quite right. Real pipes are generally uniform and nearly all fittings are made from the same material and tone.

    Once the pipes are put in a scene with all the settings, the lighting and casting shadows should add more tone and atmosphere to it and make it less uniform.