Game – Prop Set #5

Game Beer Crate
Beer Crate – 52 tris each, Beer Bottle – 104 tris each

To create the texture of the crate I used a reference image of some wooden fences and took out each plank, scaled it down and align them next to each other.

The beer bottle still requires a translucent material to give a nice realistic glass appearance.

Game Pallet
Pallet – 228 tris

This pallet is a simple model made out of several box geometries. The wood texture is made from 4 variation of wooden planks.

Game Wooden Crate
Wooden Crate – 92 tris

The wooden texture was made using a reference image of another wooden fence.

I added the metal plates on the corners to give some different material properties and interests, this helps prevent the model from being all made out of wood which would of looked a bit dull.


2 Responses to “Game – Prop Set #5”

  1. Bastien Devalckeneer Says:


    I saw your blog about the rendered pallets.
    I’m a student interior design and for a design i need a good texture for pallets. I see you have.
    Now is the question, is it possible that you send me your texture that i can use that.
    I would be very grateful!

    Bastien Devalckeneer

  2. admin Says:

    Hello Bastien,

    I use CG Textures website for the majority of my texture work, it’s a great resource and it’s all free to use –

    Thanks for your interest and I’ll be glad to answer any other questions you may have.

    Kind regards, Ray