Game – Prop Set #3

Game Air Con Unit
Air Con Unit – 46 tris

This is a simple box model with some beveled edges. I tried to keep the tri count low since it’s an object that would be placed from a fair distance above and become less visible.

The front fan area is actually a flat surface but the use of the normal map helps to add depth without adding any polys.

Game Gas Canister
Gas Canister – 240 tris

The model of the gas canister is a modified version of the fire extinguisher model that I did a while ago and re-used most of the geometries and scaled it up a little.

Making the metal bronze was a nice change from the usual silver metal that I’ve been texturing most of the time and compliments well with the dull green of the canister.


2 Responses to “Game – Prop Set #3”

  1. Ray Liam Says:

    Both just needs some signage to it, make it up or grab something from cgtextures and modify it.

  2. admin Says:

    air con unit updated