Panorama – City of Nottingham [180°]

Here’s an interactive panoramic image of the city of Nottingham viewed from the top of Nottingham castle on a nice sunny day. The panorama is made up of 9 photos spanning 180° of surrounding views in Nottingham.

The camera used in this image was a Canon EOS 20D dSLR. Since I did not have a tripod around on the day, I used the horizon as a reference point to keep all the photos roughly at an even level throughout.

In the photomerge tool of Photoshop, I’ve chosen the cylindrical option as it created the best stitching result. I was really surprised with the outcome of the panoramic image as the merging on the photos were faultless and no adjustments were needed.

What I like about this panorama is the different type of buildings it has on either sides, the left side having older factory buildings and on the right side there’s newer commercial buildings. I particularly like the contrast of the orange tone on the left and the grey tone on the right.

The large white bulding at the centre of the image and the forest on the horizon produces a central focal point and creates some nice interest to the piece.

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One Response to “Panorama – City of Nottingham [180°]”

  1. Spoil-Sport Says:

    Hey Kit,

    First off, how is life? Keeping well I hope. Also hoping that you are not still playing CS…

    Suggestion for your photos:

    When in college I needed a way to make panoramic 360 degree views of rooms for a project. What I found in a junk yard was an old Cam shaft from a car (i think it was a cam shaft…) I sanded it down and painted it white, drew on lines using a protractor to get some nice degrees, then placed the camera dead in the middle of it and put a marker at the front, then took 36 photos and molded them together.

    Maybe you can find something that weighs a little less, but the fact that I could add my own 10 degree marks made it great not only for that… but I found I could photograph objects and use it as a turnstyle, allowing me to create rotating photos, like phones.

    Then all you had to do was import them into flash in a movie sequence. you could do this quite well without a cluncky juttery effect, it ran quite smooth in fact.

    I might have to look to try and find something similar myself… I had to leave the shaft with the college as part of the teaching materials agreement…